Organic Farming in 2017

Organic Farming in 2017

Organic farming refers to an alternative method of farming that strives for sustainability, the enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity. It seeks to achieve these goals by, among other things:

In 2017, almost 70 million hectares of land was used for organic farming, with the largest being in Australia at 35 million hectares, followed by Argentina at 3.4 million hectares and China at 3 million hectares.

Sales of organic produce in 2017 stood at 89 billion euros led by United States at $44 billion (or 40 million euros), Germany at 10 billion euros and France at 8 million euros. The country average of sales of organic produce as a percent of all produce was 3.5% in 2017. Denmark was the top country at 10.2% followed by Sweden at 9.1% and Switzerland at 9%.

The average consumption of organic produce was 46 euros per person in 2017. At the top are Switzerland at 288 euros per person, followed by Denmark at 278 euros and Sweden at 237 euros.


Key Indicators

Total Area (hectares)
Retail Sales (euros)
Retail Sales Share
Consumption (per capita)
Retail Sales Growth