Top Barley Producers in 2017


Barley (scientific name Hordeum spp.: two-row barley (H. disticum) six-row barley (H. hexasticum) four-row barley (H. vulgare)) is a cereal of major commercial importance used as a livestock feed, for malt and for preparing foods. It tolerates poorer soils and lower temperatures better than does wheat. The roasted grains are a coffee substitute.

Production of barley in 2017

World production of barley in 2017 was 147 million tonnes. It was the 18th most cultivated crop after cereals at 2980 million tonnes, sugar cane at 1842 million tonnes, maize at 1135 million tonnes, vegetables at 1094 million tonnes, fruits at 866 million tonnes, wheat at 772 million tonnes and rice at 770 million tonnes, followed by citrus fruit at 147 million tonnes, watermelons at 118 million tonnes, bananas at 114 million tonnes.

Consumption of barley in 2013

Consumption of barley across the world in 2013 was 7 million tonnes. It was the 78th most consumed food item after wheat at 458 million tonnes, rice at 377 million tonnes, meat at 302 million tonnes, sugar at 144 million tonnes and maize at 125 million tonnes. Some items consumed less than barley in 2013 include dates at 7 million tonnes, tea at 6 million tonnes, peas at 6 million tonnes and rye and products at 6 million tonnes.

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of barley in 2013 was 39 million tonnes, while export was 42 million tonnes.