Top Corn(or Maize) Producers in 2017


Corn (also called maize, indian corn, or mealies, scientific name Zea mays) is a grain with a high germ content. It is mostly used for corn ethanol, animal feed, corn starch, corn syrup, bourbon whisky, etc.

Corn Production in 2017

The annual world production of corn in 2017 was 1.13 billion tonnes. It is the most cultivated food crop after sugar cane at 1.8 billion tonnes, followed by other crops such as wheat (771 million tonnes), rice (769 million tonnes) and barley (147 million tonnes).

Corn Consumption in 2013

Direct consumption of corn in 2013 was 125 million tonnes, less than other food crops such as wheat (457 million tonnes) and rice (377 million tonnes).

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of corn in 2013 was 122 million tonnes while export was 129 million tonnes.