Top Grapes Producers in 2017


Scientific name Vitis vinifera. Includes both table and wine grapes.

Production of grapes in 2017

World production of grapes in 2017 was 74 million tonnes. It was the 28th most cultivated crop after sugar cane at 1842 million tonnes, citrus fruit at 147 million tonnes, watermelons at 118 million tonnes and bananas at 114 million tonnes, followed by oranges at 73 million tonnes and pineapples at 27 million tonnes.

Consumption of grapes in 2013

Consumption of grapes across the world in 2013 was 32 million tonnes. It was the 37th most consumed food item after oranges at 87 million tonnes, bananas at 86 million tonnes and apples at 71 million tonnes. Some items consumed less than grapes in 2013 include pineapples and products at 21 million tonnes and citrus, other at 11 million tonnes.

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of grapes was 9 million tonnes in 2013, while 9 million tonnes of grapes was exported.