Top Palm Oil Consumers in 2013


Palm oil products include: palm oil, fatty acids and fatty substance residues.

Production of palm oil in 2017

World production of palm oil in 2017 was 318 million tonnes. It was the 12th most cultivated crop after maize at 1135 million tonnes and wheat at 772 million tonnes, followed by cassava at 292 million tonnes, apples at 83 million tonnes and sunflower seed at 48 million tonnes.

Consumption of palm oil in 2013

Consumption of palm oil across the world in 2013 was 15 million tonnes. It was the 60th most consumed food item after wheat at 458 million tonnes, maize at 125 million tonnes, vegetable oils at 80 million tonnes, oilcrops at 52 million tonnes and soyabean oil at 24 million tonnes. Some items consumed less than palm oil in 2013 include sunflowerseed oil at 10 million tonnes and rape and mustard oil at 10 million tonnes.

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of palm oil was 49 million tonnes in 2013, while 51 million tonnes of palm oil was exported.