Top Pulses Producers in 2017


Pulses are annual leguminous crops yielding from one to 12 grains or seeds of variable size, shape and color within a pod. They are used for both food and feed. The term "pulses" is limited to crops harvested solely for dry grain, thereby excluding crops harvested green for food (green peas, green beans, etc.) which are classified as vegetable crops. Also excluded are those crops used mainly for oil extraction (e.g. soybean and groundnuts) and leguminous crops (e.g. seeds of clover and alfalfa) that are used exclusively for sowing purposes. In addition to their food value, pulses also play an important role in cropping systems because of their ability to produce nitrogen and thereby enrich the soil. Pulses contain carbohydrates, mainly starches (55-65 percent of the total weight); proteins, including essential amino acids (18-25 percent, and much higher than cereals); and fat (1 - 4 percent). The remainder consists of water and inedible substances. Production data should be reported in terms of dry clean weight, excluding the weight of the pods. Certain kinds of pulses can be skinned and partially crushed or split to remove the seed-coat, but the resulting products are still considered raw for classification purposes.

Production of pulses in 2017

World production of pulses in 2017 was 96 million tonnes. It was the 23rd most cultivated crop after sugar cane at 1842 million tonnes, maize at 1135 million tonnes, wheat at 772 million tonnes and barley at 147 million tonnes, followed by grapes at 74 million tonnes, sunflower seed at 48 million tonnes and chick peas at 15 million tonnes.

Consumption of pulses in 2013

Consumption of pulses across the world in 2013 was 50 million tonnes. It was the 32nd most consumed food item after wheat at 458 million tonnes, potatoes at 239 million tonnes and cassava at 101 million tonnes. Some items consumed less than pulses,total in 2013 include sorghum and products at 24 million tonnes and beans at 17 million tonnes.

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of pulses in 2013 was 13.2 million tonnes, while 14 million tonnes of pulses were exported.