Top Rice Consuming Countries in 2013


At 377 million tonnes, rice is the second most consumed grain behind wheat at 458 million tonnes. Compared with other food items, rice is 5th most consumed after vegetables (982 million tonnes), milk and milk products (629 million tonnes), fruits (545 million tonnes) and wheat (458 million tonnes).

Rice Production in 2017

Rice is a very important food crop which serves as the staple food for a large part of the human population, especially in Asia. In terms of grain production, it is the third most produced grain at 769.65 million tonnes (in 2017). It follows maize at 1134 million tonnes and wheat at 771 million tonnes. When considering all food production, rice is the 6th, starting with sugar cane (1841 million tonnes), maize, vegetables (1094 million tonnes), fruits (865 million tonnes) and wheat.

Imports and Exports in 2013

It appears that rice is mostly grown by the consuming countries since imports and exports are quite low on the list of food items imported and exported. Rice imports at 37 million tonnes is 20th in the list, while exports stands at 41 million tonnes.