Top Soybean Producers in 2017


Soybeans (or Soya beans, scientific name Glycine soja) is an important oil crop. It is also widely consumed as a bean and in the form of various derived products (such as soy milk, etc.) because of its high protein content.

Soybean Production in 2017

The annual world production of soybean in 2017 was 352 million tonnes. Compared with other major food crops, soybean was the 10th most produced crop, after cereals (3 billion tonnes), sugar cane (1.8 billion tonnes), corn (or maize, 1.13 billion tonnes), wheat (771 million tonnes) and rice (769 million tonnes).

Soybean Consumption in 2013

Direct consumption of soybean in 2013 was 10.6 million tonnes, and was smaller than the quantity used for production of soybean oil at 24 million tonnes. During 2013, China was the only notable consumer of raw soybeans, while soybean oil was consumed in United States (7.4 million tonnes), China (2.8 million tonnes), Brazil (2.7 million tonnes) and India (2.2 million tonnes).

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of soybeans in 2013 was 102 million tonnes while export was 107 million tonnes. Import of soybean oil was 10.2 million tonnes, and export was 11 million tonnes.