Top Sugar Consumers in 2013


Sugar consumption across the world is 15th largest at 173 million tonnes on the list of food items consumed. The list includes food like: cereals excluding beer at 1029 million tonnes, vegetables at 983 million tonnes, milk at 629 million tonnes, fruits at 545 million tonnes and potatoes at 239 million tonnes.

Sugarcane Producers in 2017

Sugarcane is the largest single crop produced in the world in 2017. The total worldwide production was 1841 million tonnes. Other top food crops produced include corn (1134 million tonnes), wheat at 772 million tonnes (in 2017) and rice at 769 million tonnes.

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of sugar and sweeteners in 2013 was 75 million tonnes, while export was 80 million tonnes.