Top Sweet potato Producers in 2017


Scientific name: ipomoea batatas. A seasonal crop grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Used mainly for human food. Trade data cover fresh and dried tubers, whether or not sliced or in the form or pellets.

Production of sweet potatoes in 2017

World production of sweet potatoes in 2017 was 113 million tonnes. It was the 21st most cultivated crop after sugar cane at 1842 million tonnes, maize at 1135 million tonnes, potatoes at 388 million tonnes and cassava at 292 million tonnes, followed by yams at 73 million tonnes and cauliflowers at 26 million tonnes.

Consumption of sweet potatoes in 2013

Consumption of sweet potatoes across the world in 2013 was 57 million tonnes. It was the 30th most consumed food item after vegetables at 983 million tonnes, potatoes at 239 million tonnes, tomatoes at 144 million tonnes and cassava at 101 million tonnes. Some items consumed less than sweet potatoes in 2013 include yams at 33 million tonnes and plantains at 23 million tonnes.

Imports and Exports in 2013

Import of sweet potatoes was 0.36 million tonnes in 2013, while 0.33 million tonnes of sweet potatoes was exported.