Top Wheat Producing Countries in 2017


Wheat is a major staple food consumed by people across many countries. In terms of grain production, it is the second most produced grain at 772 million tonnes (in 2017). It follows maize at 1134 million tonnes - which is mostly not consumed directly. When considering all food production, wheat is the 5th, starting with sugar cane (1841 million tonnes), maize, vegetables (1094 million tonnes) and fruits (865 million tonnes).

Consumption in 2013

At 458 million tonnes, wheat is the most consumed grain followed by rice at 377 million tonnes and corn (or maize) at 125 million tonnes. When compared with other food items, wheat is 4th most consumed after vegetables (982 million tonnes), milk and milk products (629 million tonnes) and fruits (545 million tonnes).

Note: Consumption numbers are available only till 2013

Imports and Exports in 2013

Wheat is a major import commodity too. It was the top imported grain during 2013 at 185 million tonnes. Exports of wheat during 2013 totaled 198 million tonnes and was the top exported grain.