Producer Price Index for Drugs and pharmaceuticals


PPI or Producer Price Index (also known as wholesale price index) for drugs and pharmaceuticals. PPI data is normalized with price for 1982 = 100. The PPI value presented here is the average of the monthly value for each year. Includes the following:

  • medicinal and botanical chemicals, drugs, and other products
  • synthetic organic medicinal chemicals, medicinal & botanical drugs, & other products
  • veterinary pharmaceutical preparations
  • pharmaceuticals for veterinary use
  • biological products, including diagnostics
  • biological products, excluding diagnostic, for veterinary, industrial, and all other misc. uses
  • biological veterinary vaccines, bacterins, toxoids, other antigens, and other biologics
  • diagnostics
  • in-vitro diagnostic substances
  • biological products, excluding diagnostic, for human use
  • pharmaceutical preparations
  • pharmaceuticals affecting neoplasms, the endocrine system, & metabolic diseases
  • cancer therapy products
  • insulin/anti-diabetes products
  • other neoplasms, endocrine system, and metabolic diseases
  • hormones and oral contraceptives
  • pharmaceuticals acting on the central nervous system and the sense organs
  • analgesics
  • psycho-therapeutics
  • antidepressants
  • other psychotherapeutics, including tranquilizers
  • anticonvulsants
  • other central nervous system and sense organs
  • pharmaceuticals acting on the cardiovascular system
  • anticoagulants, hemostatics, and digitalis preparations
  • ace inhibitors
  • calcium channel blockers
  • other cardiovascular preparations
  • pharmaceuticals acting on the respiratory system
  • antihistamines and bronchodilators, including antiasthmatics
  • other respiratory preparations
  • pharmaceuticals acting on the digestive or the genito-urinary systems
  • other digestive or genito-urinary preparations
  • antacids
  • pharmaceuticals acting on the skin
  • emollients and protectives, including burn remedies
  • other pharmaceutical preparations acting on the skin
  • anti-acne preparations
  • vitamin, nutrient, and hematinic preparations
  • multivitamins
  • other vitamins and nutrients
  • pharmaceuticals affecting parasitic and infective diseases
  • broad and medium spectrum antibiotics
  • systemic antivirals
  • other parasitic and infective diseases

PPI data updated: Oct 8, 2019