Producer Price Index for Industrial chemicals


PPI or Producer Price Index (also known as wholesale price index) for industrial chemicals. PPI data is normalized with price for 1982 = 100. The PPI value presented here is the average of the monthly value for each year. Includes the following:

  • basic inorganic chemicals
  • inorganic chemicals, other than alkalies and chlorine
  • aluminum compounds
  • lime
  • potassium & sodium compounds, ex. bleaches
  • rock salt
  • other inorganic chemicals, nec
  • all other inorganic chemicals
  • potassium salts & boron
  • alkalies and chlorine, including natural sodium carbonate and sulfate
  • natural sodium carbonate and sulfate
  • chlorine, sodium hydroxide, and other alkalies
  • sodium hydroxide (caustic soda)
  • other alkalies
  • basic organic chemicals
  • primary basic organic chemicals
  • aromatics
  • liquid refinery gases
  • other primary basic organic chemicals
  • cyclic intermediate chemicals and dyes
  • cyclic intermediate chemicals
  • other cyclic intermediate chemicals
  • synthetic organic dyes
  • other basic organics
  • ethanol (ethyl alcohol)
  • other basic organics, n.e.c.
  • fatty acids
  • bulk pesticides and other bulk synthetic organic agricultural chemicals, excluding preparation
  • reagent and high-purity grades of organic chemicals refined from purchased technical grades
  • natural organic chemicals
  • synthetic organic alcohols, mixed and unmixed
  • synthetic organic chemicals for use as flavor and perfume materials
  • synthetic organic plasticizers

PPI data updated: Oct 8, 2019