Producer Price Index for Plastic products


PPI or Producer Price Index (also known as wholesale price index) for plastic products. PPI data is normalized with price for 1982 = 100. The PPI value presented here is the average of the monthly value for each year. Includes the following:

  • plastic construction products
  • plastics pipe
  • plastics drain, waste, and vent pipe
  • plastics water pipe
  • plastics industrial and mining pipe (incl. chemical processing, food processing)
  • plastics sewer, stormdrain, and water main pipe
  • plastics pipe fittings and unions
  • plastics plumbing fixtures
  • other plastic construction products
  • building and construction polystyrene foam products
  • building and construction polyurethane foam
  • building & construction fabricated plastics products (excl foam, plumbing fixtures, hardware)
  • unsupported plastic film, sheet and other shapes
  • unlaminated polyethylene film and sheet
  • unlaminated vinyl and vinyl copolymer film and sheet
  • miscellaneous unlaminated plastics film and sheet
  • unlaminated plastics profile shapes
  • laminated plastic sheets, rods, and tubes
  • laminated plastics plates, sheet (excluding packaging), and shapes
  • parts for manufacturing from plastics
  • parts for transportation equipment
  • transportation polyurethane foam products
  • transportation fabricated plastic parts (exc. foam and reinforced plastics)
  • other parts and components for manufacturing
  • all other miscellaneous polyurethane foam products
  • electrical & electronic fabricated plastics (excl. foam and reinforced plastics)
  • all other polystyrene foam products incl. transportation application uses
  • industrial machinery plastics products, excl foam (incl gears, bearings, bushings, cams)
  • foam components for furniture
  • other plastic products
  • custom compounding of purchased plastic resins (incl color concentrates and resin pellets)
  • all other reinforced and fiberglass plastics products
  • products made of foam other than polystyrene or polyurethane

PPI data updated: Oct 8, 2019