Producer Price Index for Plumbing fixtures and fittings


PPI or Producer Price Index (also known as wholesale price index) for plumbing fixtures and fittings. PPI data is normalized with price for 1982 = 100. The PPI value presented here is the average of the monthly value for each year. Includes the following:

  • vitreous china plumbing fixtures and china & earthenware bathroom accessories
  • vitreous plumbing fixtures, china lavatories, & flush tanks, incl. plumbing accessories
  • plumbing fixture fittings and trim
  • plumbing fixtures, fittings, and trim
  • bath and shower fittings
  • lavatory and sink fittings
  • miscellaneous plumbing fixtures, fittings, and trim
  • enameled iron & metal sanitary ware
  • enameled iron and metal sanitary ware

PPI data updated: Oct 8, 2019