Producer Price Index for Processed yarns and threads


PPI or Producer Price Index (also known as wholesale price index) for processed yarns and threads. PPI data is normalized with price for 1982 = 100. The PPI value presented here is the average of the monthly value for each year. Includes the following:

  • yarns
  • spun cotton yarns
  • carded cotton spun yarns
  • combed cotton spun yarns
  • spun wool yarns, including new, reused, and reprocessed
  • spun synthetic yarns
  • textured and twisted yarns
  • thrown filament yarns, excluding textured
  • textured/crimped/bulked filament yarns, incl. stretch yarn, made from purchased filament yarn
  • novelty and plied yarns, excl. wool, not spun or thrown at the same establishment
  • other spun non-cellulose and natural fiber (excluding cotton and wool) yarns
  • thread

PPI data updated: Oct 8, 2019