Top Sports Leagues in North America


The NFL is the top sports league in America by revenue at US $13 billion, followed by Major League Baseball at US $9.5 billion and National Basketball Association at US $5.2 billion.

Attendance Numbers

In terms of season average attendance for 2017 too, the NFL is at the top with the numbers as follows:

  • National Football League at 67,396
  • Major League Baseball at 30,042
  • National Basketball Association at 17,884
  • National Hockey League at 17,422
  • Major League Soccer at 22,112
  • Canadian Football League at 24,644

Revenue from TV

Revenue from TV is a major component of the total revenue of sports leagues. The numbers for 2015 are as follows:

  • National Football League at $7.2bn
  • Major League Baseball at $1.5bn
  • National Basketball Association at $2.6bn
  • National Hockey League at $600mn
  • Major League Soccer at $90mn
  • Canadian Football League at $40mn