NFL - top teams by valuation, 2019


Dallas Cowboys were the most valued NFL team according to the Forbes NFL Valuation at $5.5 billion, with a revenue in 2018 of $950 million. The Cowboys also rank first in the league in revenue from suites, club seats, sponsor ships and non-NFL stadium events.

The other top clubs by valuation were: the New England Patriots at $4.1 billion, New York Giants at $3.9 billion, Los Angeles Rams at $3.8 billion and San Francisco 49ers at $3.5 billion.


The valuation include equity plus net debt and include the value of the team's stadium, but excludes the value of its real estate. Revenue and operating income comprise earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization. The revenue figures are for the 2018 season. Debt includes team and stadium debt recourse to team owners.