Death rate (per 100,000) due to Chlamydia in the US


Chlamydia is the major cause of death due to STDs with 341 deaths per 100,000 people (average between 1996 and 2014). Gonorrhea is second at 115 deaths and Syphillis causes way less deaths at 4 deaths per 100,000 people.

Death rate due to Chlamydia is steadily increasing in the US with 190 deaths in 1996 compared with 456 deaths in 2014. In terms of age-groups, 20-24 year group has the highest death rate at 1800 deaths per 100,000 and 40+ year group has the lowest at 23 deaths. Surprisingly, 0-14 year group has a slightly higher death rate at 26 deaths, probably due to getting it from the mother at birth.

District of Columbia has the highest death rate of 758 deaths among states, followed by Alaska at 600 and Mississippi at 570 deaths per 100,000. The lowest rates among the states are New Hampshire at 149, Maine at 167 and Vermont at 172 deaths per 100,000.