Top 5 Health Conditions affecting Europeans.

Prevalence of health conditions across European countries (self-reported).

Major health conditions affecting people within the European Union. Source: Eurostat

Hover over the chart for numbers. Data may be approximate due to rounding errors.

The chart above presents major health conditions affecting the people living within the European Union. Note that this data is based on self-reporing by the affected individuals.

Major points to note:

  • The chart above presents the top 5 conditions only. Check the links for the full data.

  • The chart represents a combined snapshot for both men and women.

  • Lower back disorder is the most commonly reported condition and shows a high percentage across the countries.

  • High blood pressure is the second most common condition. Note, however, that Heart disease is not within this list. (It appears at the 10th place).

  • Finland seems to have higher percentages across the different health conditions. What could be the reason?

  • Germany is also pretty high on the list.

  • Except for somewhat higher percentages for Lower back disorder, France seems to be doing pretty well. Congratulations, France!

  • UK seems to be doing pretty well. Perhaps too well? Maybe there is a problem with the data ?!? Consistently low numbers across the board.

  • Arthritic conditions seem lower, even though it does appear in the Top-5 list.