Most viewed Youtube Videos 2019


As of December 1, 2019. Each of these videos have more than 2 billion views, with the first "Despacito" topping the list at 6 billion views.

The first video to hit 1 billion views was "Gangnam Style" in December 2012. This video held the top spot for 3 years, till June 2015 when Justin Bieber's "Baby" crossed the 1 billion mark. By October 2015, ten videos had crossed 1 billion views, and by February 2018, that number had hit 100.

Again, in May 2014, "Gangnam Style" was the first video to cross 2 billion views. In August 2017, "Despacito" became the first to cross 3 billion views. As of December 2019, 39 videos have views exceeding 2 billion views, 9 have more than 3 billion, and 5 have more than 4 billion and one exceeds 6 billion views.

Most of these videos are commercial music videos.