What are the top alcohol consuming countries?

And no, Russia does not top the list :-)

The above chart presents the top (high-income) alcohol consuming countries. This uses historical alcohol consumption data from Our World in Data. Click a bar for details of the consumption of each country by the decade.

Note that France is high because of high numbers in the past. Current (2016) numbers are lower than for Germany.

Top Alcohol Consumers for 2016

The following chart shows the top 10 among all countries (not just high-income). Note that Russia again does not appear in this list.

For the sake of presenting the positions of more countries, here is the top 25 chart for 2016.

Alcohol Consumption by Regions

The following shows consumption by (an arbitrary grouping of) regions. Not surprisingly, Arab World is among the lowest.


These charts were prepared using data from the fine folks at Our World in Data.