Kickstarter Campaign Funding - How are they faring?

An overview of funding campaigns on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter is a very popular crowd-funding platform whose mission is to "help bring creative projects to life". Launched in April 2009, the company has received more than US$4 billion in pledges from 15.5 million backers to fund 257000 projects.

The above chart presents a country-wise breakdown of the amount pledged as of Mar 2019. Using data collected by Web Robots by crawling the Kickstarter website, we present some insights into crowdfunding as run by Kickstarter.

So, should you also seek funding from Kickstarter for your next project? Read on and make your decision!

What is the success rate?

Out of a total of over 209,000 project campaigns run on Kickstarter, a whopping 117,465 are marked as successful. This means the goal amount requested by the campaign has been reached. That is a success rate of over 50%. (Click each bar on the chart to view details by country.)

Extremely Popular Campaigns

Let us take a look at how many are run-away campaigns - extremely popular with the public and resulted in a pledge more than 10 times the goal.

Larger Amounts

What kind of amounts in these campaigns are we talking about? Are they small, like a few hundred $$? The following counts only successful campaigns that were pledged more than US $100,000.

Number of Backers

A number of people back each campaign. The following shows the average number of backers grouped by country of origin of the campaign. It appears that Hong Kong campaigns attract the most number of backers, followed by Japan. The US is at number 5, even though it tops the charts where total amount funded is considered.